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Best-In-Class Wound Care Management
Is Now More Feasible Than Ever

Best-In-Class Wound Care Management For Hospitals

CFWH enables hospitals to establish best-in-class outpatient wound care centers, and we do so in a way that makes planning and implementing faster and more feasible than ever. We have put a development process and program in place that is proven. It is more comprehensive in resources, services and operational support than any other wound center service offering you will read or be told about – and this is what sets CFWH apart from any other wound management provider. CFWH makes it happen – blueprint to bottom line.

Not sure how to fund it, furnish it or staff it? Can't even see where it fits? Let CFWH oversee every aspect, including financing, building, training and management. No one offers hospitals a faster, easier, more viable solution for servicing their catchment areas – turnkey, seamless and wholly self-sustained. From concept to completion, with every detail covered – straight through to daily operation – we'll get you seeing incremental revenue and cash flow, on average, in 180 days. Start to finish? Funded and furnished? How is that even possible?

Easy. CFWH has a business model unlike any other. We are the only wound management company which provides the investment capital for outpatient wound care solutions.

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