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A Commitment to
Compassionate Wound Care

A Commitment to Compassionate Wound Care

We understand how difficult it is to live with a wound that won't heal. The constant pain. The battle against infection. The fear of losing a limb. It is a future that seems so uncertain, so discouraging, for you as well as your loved ones. Where is the quality of life?

What if proven, breakthrough wound healing resources were made available to you, in a convenient location? Specialized care like the kind that The Center for Wound Healing's wound care centers provide? CFWH is deeply committed to helping hospitals implement the most advanced wound care techniques. We deliver focused, comprehensive, interdisciplinary care for patients with non-healing wounds. Our centers are empowering clinical teams throughout the country to take outpatient wound care to a whole new level. We equip hospitals with expanded resources, broader options and best-in-class clinical therapies and approaches – including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – for treating and healing severe chronic wounds. Our results speak for themselves.

It is time you or a loved one experienced the extraordinary care that CFWH delivers each day. We do so with exceptionally skilled personnel who are driven by personal commitment and compassion. If there is not a CFWH wound center near you, ask that your hospital implement a CFWH wound care center.

It's your body. Your health. Contact the CFWH wound center nearest you for an appointment today.

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We finally found the wound care my diabetic dad needed.



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